Our Initiatives

The SBBC focuses on collectively increasing our business' public presence and improving our local aesthetic, respectively.

We have a monthly newsletter; if you would like to submit an announcement or event for consideration in our next edition, please fill out this form here.

Our beautification committee has submitted a preliminary proposal to the Department of Parks and Parkways and is currently working on implementing their feedback into its next iteration. Our beautification focus is the intersection of Washington Ave and S Broad Ave; we plan to improve the neutral grounds and surrounding hardscape. From there, we hope to beautify the neutral grounds along S Broad between the intersection with Napoleon Ave/Fontainbleau Drive and the intersection with Tulane Ave. Check out our blueprints here!

In 2017, the SBBC hosted a number of special events to engage and ameliorate our community. Our 10-candidate Mayoral Forum included 3 of the frontrunners and eventual winner LaToya Cantrell and had over 150 attendees. We were committed to providing our neighborhood with a platform to speak to and hear from the next leader of New Orleans on topics like equitable economic development and water management. Our Christmas Lighting Ceremony saw businesses in the South Broad Commercial Corridor light up with white lights, creating a sense of uniformity and placemaking in our community.

If you are interested in getting involved with the SBBC or with any of the specific programs explicated above, we would love your input! Please feel free to contact us directly with your questions and ideas!